NCWWI Toolkits


Leadership Tool Kit

This site offers 90 on-the-job activities covering 30 competencies to help grow leadership abilities by transferring, reinforcing and practicing competencies from the NCWWI Leadership Competency Framework. Within each competency there are 3 related activities along with corresponding worksheets and resources.

This tool kit will be updated in 2021 to match the revised Leadership Model



Real Stories Tool Kit

This toolkit features real stories and supports discussions with staff, students, and/or community members about innovative workforce development initiatives to improve the organizational culture, support the child welfare workforce, and achieve better outcomes for the families.




Planning and Assessment Tool Kit

A companion resource to the Workforce Development Framework (WDF), the tool kit applies the WDF to an agency setting and offers a practical, comprehensive, and integrated road map for workforce development. In addition, the Workforce Development Tool Kit Facilitator’s Guide provides a sequential process for using team meetings to move through the Tool Kit. The Guide offers possible meeting agendas, suggested activities, talking points, and Tool Kit worksheets that accompany each stage and step in the workforce development process.

This tool kit will be updated in 2020 to match the recently revised Workforce Development Framework.